Kulen Outreach is a non-profit network of sustainable schools dedicated to providing children in rural Cambodia with a proper education​.


Known as the Kingdom of Wonder, this small nation of 15 million people has had an unparalleled history of both good and bad times. Emerging from the shadow of its tumultuous past, Cambodia has recently enjoyed relative stability and impressive economic growth. New opportunities have arisen for Cambodia’s urban areas fortunate enough to take part in the country’s exciting growth.

Growing Pains

But like any fledgling economy, the country is experiencing growing pains. Rural areas in Cambodia are struggling to keep pace with cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Income inequality between the urban and rural areas is becoming a problem.

Phnom Kulen

One such rural area is the hilltop region of Phnom Kulen. Located only one hour north of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, this area was once the birthplace for the ancient Khmer Empire.

While Phnom Kulen is physically close to Siem Reap, the two areas are centuries apart in living standards. Many children on Phnom Kulen are still without access to teachers and proper educational facilities.

Shouldn't everyone get a fair chance?
The Challenge

Our challenge is to provide the children of Phnom Kulen and other less-fortunate rural communities in Cambodia a proper education and the opportunity to be a part of Cambodia’s future growth and development.


Kulen Outreach has three schools. Two primary schools, located in the rural countryside, are responsible for the basic education of 250 children. Our third school, located in urban Siem Reap, houses a handful of our students from the countryside. This setup enables students to continue their education at the secondary level in the City.

Volunteer Program

In 2015, we started a volunteer program at our schools. Our program gives children exposure to native English speakers, an incredibly important skill for students looking to find work in a tourism based marketplace.

Community Outreach Program

Kulen Outreach has teamed up with local creatives to run a community outreach program. Children from Siem Reap and people from around the world join in these sessions, spending time together while exploring their creativity.