Siem Reap Campus

Our Siem Reap Campus provides a safe environment for students from our rural schools in Phnom Kulen to continue their education in urban Siem Reap.


With our program’s reach expanding in the rural regions of Phnom Kulen, it became clear that some of our students would benefit from better access to the resources and opportunities in urban Siem Reap. In January 2016, Kulen Outreach's Siem Reap Campus opened its doors to our Phnom Kulen students.

New Campus Update

In the midst of the Covid-19 virus, we were able to finish our new campus building. Landscaping is now underway while we wait for school to resume. 4 years of fundraising and planning have paid off. A beautiful new building that will help educate students well into the future!

Breaking ground on a New Campus

Working with the architecture firm, Building Trust, a new plan has been unveiled and we've broken ground on a new facility. The finish date is scheduled for March 20th, 2020. We're so excited!

Start Planning of New Siem Reap Campus

With the building site now at our disposal, the planning for our new Siem Reap Campus starts. We aim at a complex including a residential facility for 100 students, 4 classrooms, and a multi-functional community space. This enables us to further develop our enrichment program and expand its reach to the wider Siem Reap community.

Maximum Capacity Reached

10 new students make the transfer from our rural primary schools to the Siem Reap Campus. With the campus now housing 30 students, the maximum capacity of the facility is reached. Therefore we start exploring the possibilities of building a new campus to facilitate further growth of our program.

10 Additional Students Admitted

The Siem Reap Campus' population grows with an extra teacher and 10 new students form our rural primary schools. The campus now provides housing and education to 21 students from the Phnom Kulen communities.

Expansion of Enrichment Program

In addition to the advanced English course, we start our curricula in IT Literacy and Arts & Culture at the Siem Reap Campus.

Opening of Siem Reap Campus

We welcome the first 11 students from our primary schools in Phnom Kulen at our Siem Reap Campus to begin classes and training.

Internet Access and English Curriculum Developed

Five computers with internet access are installed in our Computer Lab and the Kulen Outreach’s English Curriculum is established by our head English teacher.


A new classroom is built on the premise, the campus now includes two classrooms, a library and a residental facility capable of housing up to 35 students and staff.

Our Siem Reap Campus is a fundamental step in our students’ journey from the rural hilltop to a sustainable career. By providing them with access to further education and the additional Enrichment Program, the school plays a key role in our mission of giving them a chance to be a part of Cambodia's future development.