Popel School

Located 10 minutes from the main village on Phnom Kulen, Popel School is our largest primary school.


Up until 2014, Popel School sat largely abandoned due to the lack of resources and funding. Kulen Outreach reopened Popel School in July of 2014 and now over 150 children are receiving a proper and fair education.


Cofounder Gordon Elliott visits the area and discovers the need to help schools.

Teachers & Supplies

School reopened with new supplies and uniforms, 5 teachers, and 120 students.


Bicycles for children living more than 2km from schools.

Power and Connectivity

Solar panels installed.
5 computers delivered.
Internet installed.


Well drilled. Water holding tanks and pump installed.

Building Upgrade & Sustainable Food

School repainted & garden area cleared and planted. Garden is used to grow food for the children’s breakfast. Most kids show up after walking many kilometers to school without a proper meal.

Volunteer Pilot Program

4 Volunteers spend 2 weeks at schools, helping teach English, and work on various school development projects.

New School Year

Enrollment Increases 25%

Popel School's enrollment continues to increase every year as more and more people within the community send their children to our school. Popel School is the pride of our program and it plays a fundamental role in Kulen Outreach's success.