Bear School

Separated from the nearest road by 20 minutes of dense jungle, Bear School is our smallest and most remote school.


Similar to its larger sibling Popel school, Bear School was practically out of business up until 2014 due to the lack of resources and its remote location. In July 2014, Kulen Outreach reopened the school and built adequate teacher housing. Today, the school provides 90 children with proper primary education.

Maximum Enrollment Reached

Several students have transferred to our Siem Reap Campus to continue their education at the secondary level. With additional students enrolled for the new school year, Bear School now provides education to all children from the community.

Start of Second School Year

With a 30% increase in enrollment, we welcome 20 additional students for the new school year. Bear School now provides primary education to 90 children from the Phnom Kulen community.

Upgrade of Basic Hygiene Infrastructure

With the school's enrollment increasing, there is a need for additional basic hygiene infrastructure. Therefore a well is drilled, is pump is installed and water holding tanks are provided.

Connection to Solar Power and Internet

To provide the community and the school with sustainable energy, solar panels are provided. This enables the installation of new computers including internet connectivity.

Completion of Teacher Housing

The construction of the on-site housing for teachers coming from outside the community is completed. Living near the school enables our teachers to firmly root in the Phnom Kulen community.

Delivery of Bicycles

Bicycles are provided for all children living more than 2km from schools.

Reopening of Bear School

With all necessary teacher supplies and the children's school uniforms delivered, Bear School is ready to get back in business. The school reopens with 70 students and 2 teachers.

Origination of Kulen Outreach

Cofounder Gordon Elliot visits Phnom Kulen and witnesses children without adequate schooling and limited opportunities for the people living in these remote communities. He decides to reach out and provide the Phnom Kulen children with the education they deserve.

While Bear School remains the smallest and most remote of our schools, the school’s energy rivals that of its larger sibling Popel School down the road. We are proud to have Bear School not only providing quality education to 90 students, but also serving as the center and soul of the small village deep within the jungle.