Volunteer Program

Day 1 Arrival in Siem Reap
Day 2-3 Angkor Wat Temple Complex
Day 4 Siem Reap & Floating Village
Day 5-21 Volunteering at Siem Reap School
Day 22-25 Phnom Kulen Mountain & School Visit
Day 26 - 29 Battambang City (optional)
Day 30 Siem Reap Free Day
Day 31 Departure from Siem Reap
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do our volunteers stay?

Our volunteers have option to choose where they wish to stay while volunteering at our program. Kulen Outreach provides the option to stay at our school in a facility separate from student housing and classroom. Our rooms are comfortable; ceiling fans, bathroom (a few have their own bathroom and shower), kitchen area, and Wi-Fi.

Volunteers can also stay at a handful of guesthouse within Siem Reap and in close proximity of our school. We do offer help and guidance when booking these places.

While visiting our schools at Phnom Kulen, volunteers will have the rare opportunity to live “the simple life” by staying at our base house nestled in a quaint village on Kulen Hill. In addition to housing, Kulen Outreach provides food and transportation during the time spent at our schools on Phnom Kulen.

More specifically, what will I be doing as a volunteer?

Kulen Outreach follows a structured volunteer curriculum that supports our English teachers and curriculum at our schools. At our Siem Reap school, volunteers help assist our English teachers for a few hours every day. Volunteers play an important part of our English curriculum at Siem Reap, conversing with our students, which, in turn, vastly improves our student’s speaking confidence and conversational English skills. At our Phnom Kulen Schools, our volunteers again help out with English lessons, but at a more basic level. Volunteers also focus on youth empowerment activities and completing infrastructure projects needed at that time at Phnom Kulen.

We also encourage our volunteers to share their talents and skills with our students in unique and creative ways. Kulen Outreach can help assist anyone looking to devise their own classroom initiative.

Lastly, you’ll get to have a lot of fun. Enjoy some down time with the children where you’ll find yourself in an intense game of volleyball, playing charades, helping to cook a Khmer breakfast, or learning how to jump rope, Cambodia-style.

How much does it cost?

Our program’s cost varies on the length of stay and the options our volunteers choose while volunteering. Please contact us for more detailed information.

What is the rural area of Phnom Kulen like?

Phnom Kulen is a designated national park in Cambodia. It is here where you’ll find an untouched Cambodian jungle with butterflies, exotic wild fruits and waterfalls you only thought existed in movies. This scenic mountain isn’t just a great place to swim and enjoy nature, it is also the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire with many hidden and jungle-covered temples. Our schools at Phnom Kulen make our volunteer program truly unique–not many volunteer programs are located in such a beautiful and fascinating place.

How many students do we have in our program?

We have a total of 270 students: 240 students attend our two primary schools in Phnom Kulen and 30 students from Phnom Kulen live at our Siem Reap Campus.

What time of year do we run our volunteer program?

We run our program throughout the year.

Supervision, Hospitality and Transport

While at our schools on Phnom Kulen, supervision and transportation and housing is provided by our program. Each trip is supervised by a Khmer and English speaking member of our program.

Outside of airport pick-up and drop-off, volunteers will be responsible for their own transport while in Siem Reap.

What is the average age of our volunteers?

Our volunteers vary in age: some are high school students, college students, professionals interested in sharing their skills and even retirees who are looking for a more meaningful experience while in Cambodia.

Why did we pick this area and start these schools?

Co-founder Gordon Elliott traveled through Phnom Kulen in 2014 and was alarmed at the number of abandoned schools and prevalence of children without a proper education. Determined to give these kids a proper education, Gordon and his longtime friend Philip Mactaggart, decided to start Kulen Outreach.

What about supervision?

Each trip to Phnom Kulen is supervised by a member of our team fluent in both English and Khmer. A staff member will also be present at all times while volunteers are at our school in Siem Reap.

What about safety?

Kulen Outreach understands that risk is an inherent part of our program. We visit remote destinations, expose our volunteers to unfamiliar surroundings, and encourage personal growth and development through new experiences. We also understand that each traveler is an individual with his or her own distinctive perspective and limitations. Whether trying new foods, visiting a temple, or exploring undeveloped areas, Kulen Outreach believes risk management is a fundamental component for positive transformations. Our passion and commitment to safeguarding our students and staff is driven by strong leadership and executed successfully throughout our ground teams and partners.

Is Kulen Outreach right for you?

Our program is designed for positive, proactive and level-headed students, young professionals and adults with a passion for and interest in experiential learning and travel. Volunteers should be culturally sensitive and ready to immerse themselves into another culture. The experience of truly living as a Cambodian and interacting with local Cambodians is something most tourists never experience while visiting Cambodia.