Volunteer Program

Looking for a meaningful travel and volunteer experience?

Kulen Outreach is unique in that we focus solely on rural children’s education. Our two foundational schools are located in the remote and rural Phnom Kulen area, one hour north of Siem Reap. In urban Siem Reap we run a facility providing our Phnom Kulen students with the same opportunities as more fortunate urban Cambodian youth. As a volunteer at Kulen Outreach, you’ll spend most of your time at our Siem Reap Campus working on our Enrichment Program. Additionally you’ll have the opportunity to visit our schools in Phnom Kulen. No other volunteer program in Cambodia gives you such unique insight into urban and rural Cambodia.

Help Enrich the Lives of Kids from Less-fortunate Rural Areas

While our Enrichment Program is led by university-trained local Cambodians who are fluent in English, our volunteers play an important role in empowering our students. By interacting with volunteers with various backgrounds from all over the world, our students gain insights in different cultures and worldviews. Additionally it enables them to practice their conversational English and develop speaking confidence.

Develop Lasting Relationships

Become part of our student's journey as they enrich their lives through a better education and open doors for a bright and encouraging future. Many of our volunteers develop lasting relationships with our students, keeping in touch with them through email and Facebook. Additionally you may develop new friendships with other volunteers during your stay and expand your network by becoming part of the community of Kulen Outreach volunteers and supporters.

See and Experience the Real Cambodia

Because of our program's location, we provide a unique perspective into Cambodia most volunteers never get to experience. Kulen Outreach has schools in and around the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Two of our primary schools are located in a remote and rural area called Phnom Kulen just one hour north of Siem Reap. We also have our Siem Reap Campus located in the heart of Siem Reap.

Schedule and Activities

Most of our volunteer’s time will be spent at our campus in urban Siem Reap, located 10 minutes from the city center. They will assist our teachers with the Enrichment Program working on IT skills, Arts, or advanced English. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to spend a few days at our primary schools in rural Phnom Kulen helping teachers with English lessons, leading youth empowerment activities, and helping infrastructure projects needed at that time.

Not Just Another Volunteer Program

We take our program very seriously and our first priority is the well-being of our students and program. We are looking for dedicated volunteers who are looking to give their time and energy to help sustain our program. In return, we promise you’ll leave with an experience you won’t forget.

Looking for a meaningful travel and volunteer experience?