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The new year brought a promise of a new start with the completion of our new campus in the countryside of Siem Reap. The excitement was palpable; our students were all eager and ready to move into their new home… then COVID-19 happened.

Akin to how it has affected most countries worldwide, the schools were the first to close to protect the students. And while Cambodia has mostly escaped the virus with little to no cases in different provinces, its economy came to a standstill overnight.

Siem Reap is a town that thrives on tourism, accommodating over three (3) million visitors a year. This year is a stark comparison — for the last five (5) months, NOT ONE FLIGHT HAS LANDED IN SIEM REAP. What once used to be a bustling little city is now deserted and the temples that were flocked by tourists are now empty. Following the economic downfall of our templetown, hundreds of people are left unemployed and are struggling to survive. More than COVID-19, Cambodia is facing another enemy — and that is hunger.

To aid the locals, Kulen Outreach has started to do no-contact food drops to the three communities we support. The villages we support are mostly subsistence farmers, but extra income provides them crucial protein and other basic nutrients needed for survival. We are doing our best to help in this time of need and if you can help us provide relief to our communities, we would greatly appreciate it.

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