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Help Provide Food for One Week


Donate to Buy Three Bicycle Repair Tool Kits for Students


Help us Provide Leather Product Making Tool Kits for 5 Students


Help Provide Adequate Student Clothing


Help Provide a new Solar System to Provide Power for 100 Students


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Fundraiser running until January 1, 2019

Brian Sperry Fundraiser

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THANK YOU in advance for all of your support! In January I will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia to teach life skills to the Kulen Outreach students. Kulen Outreach is a non-profit education program in Cambodia focused on helping rural children receive a proper education. The children live in a rural area with no government sponsored schools. They come from farming families (85% of Cambodians are farmers). These families are so poor about a third (70) of the Kulen Outreach primary students don’t have any shoes to wear. Just by learning English, they can earn $15/day instead of $1/day which is the typical farmers pay.

Last year, while visiting Cambodia I toured the school in Siem Reap and met the Director, Chris Schoenbohm. Being a father of a 6-year old Luella, the school and Chris’ work struck a deep chord in me. Immediately, I knew I needed to get involved. I was amazed at the level of English the high school students exhibited in only two years of school at Kulen Outreach. This school is changing the lives of these kids and their families!

I will be teaching a combination of life skills, arts and sports to the 22 Kulen Outreach high school students that live at the Siem Reap boarding school.

My teaching program includes: resume writing, first aid and CPR, bicycle repair, photography, cooking, leather product
design/ production and American flag football.

ALL of the money raised will go to the Kulen students to pay for food, a new solar power system for one of the countryside schools, and tools/materials for the life skill and arts classes. I will be paying for my travel expenses.

The Kulen students THANK YOU!!! Your support is greatly appreciated and is going towards a fantastic cause!

Brian Sperry

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