Kulen Outreach is highly dependent on the income we receive from donors. While we’re able to sustain our operations through our volunteer program, much of our expansion and continued success is enabled by our generous donors. Please help us our program grow and continue its success.

Current Projects
Siem Reap School Opening
As our program grew in size at Phnom Kulen, it became clear we needed to establish a school in Siem Reap to better expose our students to an advanced English program and vocational opportunities in the City. We’ve since located the perfect property. Now it’s time to outfit the school and provide our students with a suitable education environment.  Please help us achieve our goal.
English Curriculum Books
With our new school in Siem Reap opening soon, we are hiring an English-speaking teacher and starting a proper English program for 10-12 children. To accomplish this goal, we are raising money for books and other material needed for the curriculum. Please help us achieve our goal.
Successfully Funded
Internet & Computers
A primary goal of our program is for children to be exposed to the opportunities and development going on in urban Cambodia and the rest of the world. In March of 2015, we delivered 10 desktop computers and the Internet to our schools. Our children are now able to browse the web, take part in online educational programs and video conference with English-speaking students at other schools around the world.
30 Bicycles for Students
With some children walking more than 5km to school every morning, our program successfully raised enough money for the purchase of bikes. As a result, more children are attending school and less energy is used for transporting themselves and more is spent on learning.